Archived Projects

Year Project Name Category Sub-Category File
2011 Breeding wheat cultivars: Agronomic evaluation Wheat Crop Improvement
2011 The long-term influence of soil cultivation methods on soils under wheat production in the Eastern Free State Wheat Production
2011 The use of Russian Wheat Aphid resistant germplasm for the development of Russian Wheat Aphid resistant cultivars Wheat Germplasm
2011 South African Wheat Crop Quality Survey for the 2011/2012 season Wheat Quality Determination
2011 Establishing direct seeding and no-till practices in small grain production in South Africa Wheat Production Systems
2011 Pre-breeding for Russian wheat aphid resistance to Biotype B Wheat Germplasm
2011 Refinement of no-till production practices in conservation and double cropping systems under irrigation Wheat Production Systems
2011 Breeding wheat cultivars: Milling and baking quality Wheat Crop Improvement
2011 The collection and maintenance of unique small grain germplasm Wheat Germplasm
2011 Increasing induced, systematic resistance in wheat to russian wheat aphid Wheat Marker Assisted Selection
2011 Development of sustainable conservation tillage systems in the summer rainfall region Wheat Production Systems
2011 Evaluation of wheat cultivars and lines for genetic resistance to rust diseases Wheat Crop Protection
2011 The introduction and evaluation of new international germplasm Wheat Germplasm
2011 Identification and control of toxin-producing Fusarium species responsible for head blight and crown rot of wheat in South Africa Wheat Crop Protection
2011 Determination of economic threshold values for fungicide application on wheat Wheat Crop Protection
2011 Gene donor material and cultivars that will be used to transfer genes Wheat Crop Improvement
2011 Quantifying the effects of air pollution (SO2 and O3) on South African wheat genotypes Wheat Crop Improvement
2011 Application of molecular and tissue culture techniques to solve problems in disease resistance of wheat and barley Wheat Germplasm
2011 Monitor rust occurrence in the wheat production areas Wheat Crop Protection
2011 Investigating the role of waxy wheats in the mechanism of bread staling Wheat Production Practices
2011 The field evaluation of newly released cultivars of wheat for Aluminium tolerance Wheat Crop Improvement
2011 The control of Karnal Bunt Wheat Crop Protection
2011 Farmer Support Programme for developing and resource poor Farmers Wheat Advisory Services
2011 Cultivar resistance as an alternative in cost-effective management of fusarium head blight in small grains Wheat Germplasm
2011 Evaluation of wheat breeding material for resistance to Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) Wheat Crop Protection
2011 Development and application of marker-assisted selection systems for adult-plant resistance to rust diseases of wheat Wheat Marker Assisted Selection
2011 Monitoring the soil fertility status in resource-poor environments Wheat Advisory Services
2011 Winter wheat breeding programme for summer rainfall dryland areas Wheat Crop Improvement
2011 Biological control of bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, on wheat using entomopathogens Wheat Crop Protection
2011 Monitoring of the metal content on South African wheat and wheat products Wheat Food Safety

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