Archived Projects

Year Project Name Category Sub-Category File
2008 The field evaluation of newly released cultivars of wheat for aluminium tolerance Wheat Advisory Services
2008 Energy and nutrient composition of SA wheat, wheat flour and bread Wheat Processing
2008 Evaluation of preharvest sprouting in wheat Wheat Production Practices
2008 Optimising the combination of herbicides and foliar feeds Wheat Crop Protection
2008 Farmer support programme for developing and resource poor farmers Wheat Advisory Services
2008 Mapping disease resistance in wheat - Novel strategies for marker assisted selection Wheat Marker Assisted Selection
2008 Determination of economic threshold values for fungicide application on wheat Wheat Crop Protection
2008 Herbicide applications for the control of herbicide resistant weeds in small grains in the Western Cape Wheat Crop Protection
2008 Monitoring the soil fertility status in resource poor environments Wheat Advisory Services
2008 The Cadmium and Lead Content Survey of South African wheat as well as imported wheat for the 2007_2008 season Wheat Food Safety
2008 Monitor rust occurrence in the wheat production areas Wheat Crop Protection
2008 Monitoring of changes in soil microbial and chemical properties under reduced tillage practices Wheat Production Practices

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