Current Projects

Year Project Name Category Sub-Category File
2013 Determination of economic threshold values for fungicide application on barley Barley Crop Protection
2013 Non-germination in barley for the brewing industry: the influence of genotype, temperature, moisture and gas exchange Barley Production Practices
2013 Research and development program for Barley Barley Crop Improvement
2013 Early warning system for Barley yellow dwarf virus transmission Barley Disease
2013 SAB Barley Farm - Student Internship Barley Advisory Services
2013 Breeding and development of two rowed brewing barley Barley Crop Improvement
2013 Comprehensive disease management strategy for malting quality barley in South Africa Barley Disease
2013 Oats development and selection programme Oats Cultivar Evaluation
2013 Maintenance and supply of pre-basic(breeder) and basic seed of small grain cultivars in the summer rainfall region at Vaalharts (irrigation, N Cape) and Bethlehem (Dry land F State) - Oats Oats Crop Improvement
2013 Oats cultivar evaluation in the winter rainfall region Oats Cultivar Evaluation
2013 The verification of cultivars suitable for production in resource-limited agriculture Transformation Advisory Services
2013 Monitoring the soil fertility status in resource-poor environments Transformation Advisory Services
2013 Farmer support programme and resource poor farmers Transformation Advisory Services
2013 The identification of soil parameters as indicators of sustainable dry-land crop productions systems for the shale derived soils of the Western Cape Wheat Production Practices
2013 Resistance as an alternative in cost-effective management of Fusarium head blight in small grains Wheat Disease
2013 Genotyping South African wheat germplasm for hardness alleles Wheat Quality
2013 The introduction and evaluation of new international germplasm Wheat Pre-breeding
2013 Genotyping South African wheat germplasm for hardness alleles Wheat Quality
2013 Optimisation of Herbicide efficacy Wheat Weeds
2013 The long term influence of soil cultivation methods on soil under wheat production in the Eastern Free State Wheat Soil Cultivation
2013 Determination of Economic Threshold values for fungicide application on wheat Wheat Crop Protection
2013 Increasing induced systememic resistance in wheat to RWA Wheat Marker Assisted Selection
2013 Optimising seeding rate and planting date for wheat cultivars in South Africa Wheat Production Practices
2013 The South African Wheat Crop Quality Survey for the 2012/2013 season. Wheat Quality
2013 Development and application of marker assisted selection systems for adult plant resistance to rust diseases of wheat Wheat Marker Assisted Selection
2013 Pre-breeding for Russian wheat aphid resistance Biotype B Wheat Insects
2013 An evaluation of continuous cash crop production under conservation agriculture principles on high potential soils of the Riversdale flats Wheat Production Practices
2013 Development of a control strategy for Agromyza ocularis Wheat Insects
2013 Maintenance and Multiplication of nucleas seed of small grain cultivars and lines through single seed decent procedure in the summer rainfall region at Vaalharts (Irrigation N Cape) and Bethlehem (Dry land, F State) Wheat Crop Improvement
2013 Pre-breeding programme for enhancing genetic resistance against wheat rust by recurrent mass selection Wheat Marker Assisted Selection

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