Current Projects

Year Project Name Category Sub-Category File
2013 Breeding Wheat Cultivars - Agronomic evaluation Wheat Crop Improvement
2013 Evaluation of wheat cultivars and lines for genetic resistance to rust diseases Wheat Disease
2013 Nitrogen management strategies on wheat (Triticum aestivum) grown under dry land conditions in the Swartland and Rûens sub-regions of the Western Cape. Wheat Production Practices
2013 The control of Karnal Bunt Wheat Disease
2013 Cultivar evaluation of wheat in the winter rainfall area Wheat Production Practices
2013 The distribution and host preference of members of the Fusarium graminearum species complex in SA Wheat Disease
2013 Genotyping South African wheat germplasm for hardness alleles Wheat Quality
2013 The identification of soil parameters as indicators of sustainable dry-land crop productions systems for the shale derived soils of the Western Cape Wheat Production Practices
2013 Resistance as an alternative in cost-effective management of Fusarium head blight in small grains Wheat Disease
2013 Integrated management of crown rot and take all of wheat and barley in conservation tillage systems in the W-Cape Wheat or Barley Diseases
2013 Evaluation of antioxidant potential of South African cereal grains Wheat or Barley Quality
2013 Technology Transfer Programme Wheat or Barley Technology transfer

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