During the phasing-out process of the Wheat Board (a statutory institution under the Marketing Act of 1968) the winter cereal industry identified the need for certain functions executed by the Wheat Board to be continued after the Wheat Board’s dissolution.

Winter cereal is defined as wheat, barley, oats, rye, durum wheat and triticale.

The functions which were identified for continuation, were the provision of market information, laboratory services and financial support to research projects.

The grain and oil seeds industries (previously serviced by the Wheat Board, Maize Board, Sorghum Board and Oil Seeds Board) decided to combine efforts to supply market information and laboratory services to the industries concerned. Two Section 21 companies, namely the SA Grain Information Service (SAGIS) and the SA Grain Laboratory (SAGL), were established to supply the above-mentioned services to the industries.

The different industries also decided in terms of the new Marketing of Agricultural Products Act to establish Trusts mainly to administer the assets of the control boards concerned and to utilise funds to the benefit of the different industries.

In the case of the winter cereal industry it was decided to establish two separate trusts, namely the Winter Cereal General Trust and the Winter Cereal Research Trust.


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