The object of the Trust was to undertake and/or support research with regard to winter cereal in the Republic of South African interest of the industry in the Republic of South Africa.

The two trusts were established in 1997, the same year in which the Wheat Board ceased its activities as agricultural control board.

The winter cereal industry requested the Minister of Agriculture to impose statutory levies on wheat, barley, oats and durum wheat to finance the functions of market information and research as described in the objects of the two trusts. Separate levies were imposed for the information function and the research function respectively.

The two trusts were appointed in terms of the government notices concerned to administer the statutory levies. These levies were the only source of income for the two trusts and therefore the only funds available to finance the different functions as identified by the industry.

The Boards of Trustees of the two trusts comprised representatives of all sectors of the industry, including one representative of the Minister of Agriculture.

The original levies were applicable for 7 months and the Minister of Agriculture approved further levies provided that the ministerial representation on the Boards of Trustees be expanded to 50% of the trustees.

In order to accommodate the provisions set by the Minister and due to the fact that the objects and activities of two trusts could be combined without disruption, the industry decided to amalgamate the two trusts.

The amalgamation was done through amendments to the Deed of Trust of the Winter Cereal Research Trust (including a change of name to Winter Cereal Trust) and the termination of the Winter Cereal General Trust.

The most important amendments to the Deed of Trust of the Winter Cereal Research Trust were in respect of the object of the Trust, the composition of the Board of Trustees, the keeping of separate accounts for the two levies concerned and the expanding of representation on the Research Technical Committees.